I was reading an article one of my friends had recently shared and while the article completely made sense to me, it was perplexing.  It’s funny how you come to certain points in life when you realize that something that should have been so glaringly obvious wasn’t, followed by an immediate slip into a vegetative state of despair wondering if you’re one of those people.  A person who you’ve disregarded as being no smarter and no more productive than the stone pebbles covering the floor mats of your vehicle.  An unviable and tormented human wandering sloppily through life while everyone around him wondered if there was actually a conscious person at the controls.

I find myself contemplating two scenarios fairly regularly throughout my life…  One is something of a Truman Show scenario where I am the focus of the world in which I live, where everyone is merely playing a robotic part to mold and fold my reality into what it currently is.  Every single environmental action, reaction, interaction, etc. is only existing and taking place to shape what my brain consciously considers reality.  I am under no false pretense that this might be seen as grandiose or conceited in some form.  In fact I agree to an extent, but let me electrify some curiosity in you before we put this one to bed.

Dare I ask the question, what is reality?  As conscious beings, I suppose the simplest way to answer this question would be to allude to an assumption that my reality is everything my five senses perceive and how my conscious mind interprets those perceptions.  What I visually see is effectively nothing more than light; photons being interpreted via signals sent from my eyes to my brain.  What I hear are vibrations picked up by the drums in my ears transferring signals to my brain effectively adding stimuli to my otherwise already stimulated environment, and what I physically touch are just signals picked up by the pressure sensors beneath my skin, shot up through the nervous system straight to my brain to be deduced as well.  And as all of these millions of signals are being sent for interpretation and I emit physical, chemical, and emotional responses to each of these stimuli, thus my experience is created.

It could also be argued, that while I might sometimes wonder if I’m living in a Truman Show-like reality, it’s only because my brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what isn’t.  It can only interpret the environment put before me.  So if I wonder if anyone or anything around me is actually real, who actually knows?  The really funny thing about all of this is that there is no perceptive way to prove whether or not what you are experiencing is real.  Every interaction I have is being created in my mind because my senses are putting together an overall picture for me… that’s it!  I have no other basis of which to form an opinion.  The weather outside could be rainy and I could physically feel the drops of rain on my skin, but there is nothing to prove that it’s actually raining outside or that rain actually exists at all; I’m just interpreting what my environment is allowing me to experience.  This is what makes the Matrix theory incredible.  Because it’s actually possible.  Albeit, unfathomable with our currently known technology, but it is plausible.  And unless you have had experiences with both true reality (whatever that is) and the reality created for you through your experiences, who can actually attest to what is real and not real.

Alright then, what’s the other scenario you might be asking?  That would be a scenario in which I’m playing a small but crucial role in the lives of everyone in my reality.  So let’s rewind.  In my first scenario, it was everyone in my reality playing crucial roles to tender the experience I was having in my reality, the second scenario more or less flips the script where I am affecting the realities of everyone in my reality.  So that means that my only purpose would be to continue doing as I wish everyday; and by being myself, I will have effectively affected someone or perhaps thousands of people giving them an experience that they needed to go forth in life living as they were always intended to live (that is if you believe that we are all living by God’s Plan).  This would be the Butterfly Effect scenario and in my opinion much more believable.

The fun in this scenario is thinking that no matter how insignificant I think my presence in the world might be, the littlest things that I might say, or do, or project forth will have a direct and predetermined impact, no matter how small.  Yes, however grandiose and vain of me, this is the direction my mind is headed.  However, the fun is in believing that whatever I say or do could have an impact on the person you have interacted with and thus shaping their own reality and then shaping the reality of others and so on and so forth.

That by the simple act of tripping and falling in-front of someone where they might have some sort of thought, or reaction, or affect one of their senses in such a way as to make an impact on the future of their reality is what makes parallel realities possible.  That my interjection, regardless of intent or purpose, could possibly have an effect on an individual and might take them down a different path than they might otherwise not have taken.  Leading them to a different perception of their reality, or a different way they might look at things from that interaction going forward.  Perhaps that simple moment in time my interruption unavoidably took them off a path where… let’s say… they might have gotten into their car just a tad sooner and run over a pedestrian thus my clumsy interaction saved that pedestrians life, or vice versa… getting in too soon and running over that pedestrian resulting in a traumatic event that would end up sending them into a deep depression only to be brought out of it by a rescue-turned therapy dog leading them to become an advocate for the canine therapy foundation.  Maybe tripping and falling down would lead to me to the decision that I need a new pair of shoes?  Maybe I fell in front of a beautiful woman and thus reinforced the already established notion that I am just a walking accident and no one is attracted to me.  Maybe it also exacerbated her belief that men are fucking idiots.  The possible outcomes and scenarios are infinite which in turn makes the number of parallel realities infinite which then bears an important question…  Could I be a super hero in one of these parallel realities?

In conclusion, I have no idea what I’m talking about.

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