It seems like only yesterday I was 16 with the edge of the world at my feet daring me to jump into its endless abyss of possibilities and championed endeavors, bountiful with places to explore and glimmers of truths to seek and the looming mountain of wisdom to be climbed perpetually appropriating applicable strains and sprains during moments where I just might have needed that extra beat down that let me know that life was still in-charge; deciding how much learning was to be endured before my ascension to the top could continue.

Nowadays I’ve since aged twice that number, plus a few; and I can graciously attest to the fact that life will throw you one curve ball after another without fail, when you least expect it and at the most undesirable times.  The mountain of wisdom only seems to grow larger as you continue the ascent, but I can say that the lessons, although hard and painful, have been necessary I think.  As an ambivert (mostly introvert I suspect) I spend a good portion of my day locked in my head, in a state of quandary trying to dodge the electrifying convulsions the reality of life seems to throw my way with intrusive regularity.  At the moment, it makes me wonder what life would be like if we didn’t spend anytime in our heads at all.  Would Einstein have come up with the Theory of Relativity?  Would Stephen King have been able to write all those edge-of-your-seat novels?  How about Lady Gaga, would she have been as successful as she is without spending a little time upstairs herself?

I only bring this up to help make my idea more understandable; if we are such ‘in-thought’ beings, constantly reasoning within our minds and weighing the options of ‘what if’ among the infinite possibilities of each next second, then why do we have such little brain power?  And that’s not to say that we don’t.  All you have to do is take a look around and relish in all that man has accomplished in the last two-thousand years, or walk into any library.  It’s pretty staggering if you really take a second to think about it.  It’s unconscionable to believe we were unable to conjure up simple tools and weapons only a short time ago, let alone the idea of the wheel.  However, what I’m talking about is brain power on a much grander scale…  think telekinesis or telepathy.  Telekinesis might be a bit of a stretch, as moving matter with our minds touches on a different aspect of brain power, and then you get in to the physics of how that might be possible and I’m not going to pretend I can explain any of that, so let’s just explore the idea of telepathy.

I suppose to begin, we must first conquer the feasibility of telepathy for the human race.  Let’s imagine for a moment that we had a telepathic ability; how would our brains differ from a non-telepathic brain?  Perhaps it wouldn’t be any bigger but just an increase in the number of neuroconnections; in fact we might just have woken up a 6th sense that lay dormant in our minds until… I don’t know… babies collectively started hatching plans to escape from their cribs in droves just to go congregate in the sandbox?  Now that would be awesome.  Almost like the X-Men and the suddenly developed mutant gene.

“Hear this!  All points bulletin, we interrupt this broadcast to bring you an incredible report:  Witnesses are reporting babies, thousands of them, crawling towards Central Park in New York City.  It is currently unknown what is causing this phenomena, but lets go down to Amy who is reporting on the street near the epicenter of this shocking occurrence; watching in marvel as these babies seem to be crawling single file towards what we can only guess is one of Central Park’s many sandbox’s…  Amy?”  ”

“Yes Bruce, we are on standing at 5th avenue and 79th at the moment and it is a scene of complete awe and terror.  Emotionless babies crawling in unison to Central Park, and it does seem Bruce, that these babies are congregating near the swing-set in the sandbox closest to Central Park West towards the Upper East Side so they have quite a crawl in front of them from where we’re standing.  Onlookers reactions have varied from fainting, to visible shock, gasping screams, and even laughing.  Some have even taken it among themselves to try and stop some of the babies from crawling to their sandbox destination only to find that they were targets of baby mutilations as it seemed to anger the other babies crawling in the vicinity.  Luckily no one has been injured so far as we can only assume the most of these babies have no teeth”.


OK fine!  That’s not even a rational situation and is a bit off topic, so let us continue this in a different manner…

Why is a soap bubble round?  I picked up this question from a movie and it struck me as an admirable question that seems so simplistic in its curious gesture, yet demanding an answer equal to the inquisitive nature from which the question was given life.  The answer states that a soap bubble is round because it is the most energy efficient configuration.  That’s probably not truly verifiable but sounds pretty good, and while surface tension pulling water molecules into the tightest possible groupings (actually any particle) would be a sphere according to the laws of physics, could you imagine a soap bubble being anything but round?  Let me use this analogy to state my hypothesis based on the question: why aren’t we telepathic?

Hypothesis:  Telepathy is possible considering what we know about the human brain, each of us is born with the capability, however mankind has not yet evolved in a collective direction in order for this characteristic to take root or develop.  The development of telepathy will only begin when we awake the formal consciousness within ourselves and begin to define it collectively as a global civilization; a collective consciousness.  Currently we cannot define a reason as to why we are not telepathic at this moment in our human evolution, however, if in our current configuration we are at optimal energy efficiency, how could it not be more efficient to communicate telepathically rather than expelling so much energy using vocal and physical cues?

Now, I am going to assume that I am thinking about the same questions many of you could be thinking…  If we are meant to be telepathic, then why do we have vocal cords with which to vibrate and make tonal distinctions we call language?  Why do we have tongues that are able to distort the sounds coming out of our mouths?

Two great questions, and before I answer them, let me just first ask the reading audience to open up their minds to, not what we have become, but from where and whence we came.  There are several theories out there, one of the being that we humans are nothing more than animals evolved from apes and that by Darwinian happenstance we evolved into the only massively intelligent species on this planet.   Also, it could be that perhaps our DNA was altered to by a presence outside this earth that enhanced us with better intelligence and thus resulting in our current capabilities and achievements we’ve seen over the last several thousand years.  Moverover, both theories are not impossible no matter how improbable; and while neither can be 100% proved, each are merely just theories.  One theory has been taught to us from the time we entered our scholarly careers, and the other has been kept hidden from us and can only be researched when you look into the dark corners of the internet to learn.  But the fact that neither is provable is not a myth, they really are just theories.  And thus being a theory, no matter what side you lean towards, each deserves its own attention.

Vocal cords could simply be a primal physical characteristic that is necessary to our species’ ultimate survival.  If we were to have come from apes, it would be essential to have vocal cords for claiming territory, mating calls, and simple inner-species communication, much like birds or dogs communicate with another.  This is a fairly minimal explanation, but should be enough to get your mind running as to why we have vocal cords.  I leave the rest to your inner thoughts.  However, the tongue is easier to explain.  Once you do a bit of reading on the tongue, you’ll find that it’s main purpose is for the consumption of food.  Nothing more.  The fact that we use it for speech is probably not coincidence as we have several body parts that have more than one function.  But considering the primal reasoning, and it being essential to the survival of our species, the tongue was created chiefly for the consumption of food.  Hence the wide opening below our nose we call a mouth that just happens to be full of teeth for mashing the food we put in it.

If you wipe away all intelligence from us, the vocal cords and the entire purpose for the mouth seem to be clear.  Add in a bit of intelligence and we’ve been able to do wonders with what we were given.  So if you were wondering what would be the purpose of these physical features if we were able to activate the hypothetical telepathic and inherent trait we were all born with, you now have your answer.


But for what purpose would being telepathic serve, we already communicate efficiently, right?  Many people assume that telepathy is more or less being able to read each others thoughts, emotions, reactions, etc.  And while that is all true to some extent, why should we believe that these telepathic thoughts would emanate from language?  Is it so hard to believe that there is a different way of expressing ourselves that doesn’t include a vernacular as it is associated to speech?  In fact, it is hard to believe!  Because we have no experience from which to draw upon.  Telepathy doesn’t mean using our minds to ask each other a question in English, then sending it to someone else’s mind, and then receiving a message back to our brain and hearing the answer internally as a yes or a no.  We have to dig deeper; language as we know it wouldn’t need to exist.  We have to consider that every thought, question, emotion or intention resides deep within our consciousness and it is from deep within us these telepathic capabilities reside.  It’s not about verbally saying yes in our minds, but rather the feelings of commitment.  It’s not about telling a story and hoping the person listening believes you, but sending a bit of yourself in that message so that the person doesn’t need to question whether or not you’re being honest.  Our telepathic abilities, our developing consciousness, would reveal it’s questions, their intent and emotions in one smooth stroke of communication.  How incredible and efficient.

However, let me be a bit more analytic on this piece of the puzzle.  One of the reasons I wonder if telepathy wouldn’t consist of something resembling one of my afternoon inner monologues, is because that’s how I think.  I think in English, I also reason and formulate decisions in English.  But realizing that language is learned, it makes complete sense to think in English, and an inner monologue is nothing more than having a silent conversation with yourself, so it only makes sense.  But what about the Neanderthals?  There is little to no evidence showing that they developed any kind of a language, and perhaps the fact that they didn’t have language is the reason why they were considered dumb.  So it seems that language is essential for any advanced thinking, and thus essential for telepathy?  Logic might say so.  Let me do a little exercise in futility here; let’s pretend that we have 2 babies, neither of which will learn any kind of language but both are telepathic.  How do they telepathically communicate?  Is telepathy a dance of emotions and intentions resonating from each of them?  Or would it just be a bunch of crying sounds sent from one mind to the other?  The truth is, we don’t know, and we won’t know, not until this characteristic develops, or some telepathic ET lends itself to scientific study.

I’m beginning to wonder how telepathy would make things different, and don’t doubt for a second that it would indeed be different, as well as a little boring in my opinion.  Think of all the seemingly little things that language requires us to do…  There would be no need for body language, or expressed animations by which we reinforce the telling of our stories, or how happy or angry we are.  It would simply just be understood.  Visually, our dramatic sequence of physically speaking with our bodies would cease.  I must admit, I cannot begin to imagine how life might change if we were all suddenly telepathic.  It almost makes me believe life is perfect the way it is on this planet, as I am a believer that the smallest things in life make the biggest impact and impressions.  #earthlingsrule

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