I clench my teeth on the future and grind the present against my expectations.  Expectations are where your wishes and fears meet, when the wish and the fear are the exactly the same, a daydream turned nightmare.  There is a truth to be known in this nightmare and to know the truth, all one has to do is close your eyes.  We can know God, for example, and we can know sadness.  We can know our dreams, and we can know love.  But none of these are real, in our usual sense of things that exist in the world and seem real.  We cannot weigh them, or measure their length, or find their basic parts under microscope. Which is why they are possible.  Truth is a river, one that runs through every one of us, no matter where we come from, all over the world.  It’s the river of the heart, and the heart’s desire.  It’s the pure, essential truth of what each one of us is, and can achieve.  And it is truth that has become the ultimate bully for all who know truth, and one we all pretend to like.  Truth is only acceptable when it suits our needs and desires, and unacceptable when we catch truth staring at us in our reflective mirror in a contest that cannot be won.  Looking away only adds weight to the pain we choose to carry, or holding the gaze in a decisive test of compliance.

Truth is the one, it is an all knowing state of being.  It is God and it is heaven.  It resides within each of us and cocoons our external selves.  It cannot be escaped, but for without these perceptive truths, we do not exist.  Truth is nature, and to align with laws of nature is to align with a higher consciousness and become the master of yourself.

Truth is love and love is truth.  To withhold the love we have inside is to carry around the pain we’ve endured through the course of our lives.  Letting go of that pain is to accept the love we feel and the love we receive from others.

Broadcasting your honesty and exposing truth to the world in each new day will effectively make us all better and more loving human beings.  But, exploring what truths lay hidden in the shadows of the silent inner world of our consciousness is where your character is forged on the spine of insecurity and fear.  Splintered away on the past of your weakest self, and hammered on the resulting pain, you will emerge as energy born of love and carved out of the roof of the world where your wishes were once held in oblivion in the night sky.  Shot out of from the cavities of an abandoned star to collapse, at long last, upon the plane of the great awareness.  It awaits us all.

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